Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group
1 Gastro-intestinal system
01-06-06 Peripheral opioid-receptor antagonist


For the treatment of opioid-induced constipation as per NICE TA345. To be recommended by palliative care and gastroenterology only.

APCO September 2015.

Link  NICE TA345:Naloxegol for treating opioid‑induced constipation

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Methylnaltrexone Relistor®
Non Formulary

  • For opioid-induced bowel dysfunction in people with advanced illness receiving palliative care. NICE TA277 - terminated appraisal (APCO May 2013).
  • For treating opioid-induced constipation. NICE TA277 - terminated appraisal (APCO September 2017).

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