Report : Traffic light status report 30/03/2020 20:12:47
Section Name Number of items
Red Red  657
Amber Continuation  Amber Continuation  293
Amber Shared Care Protocol Amber Shared Care Protocol  57
Green Green  593
Brown Brown  237
Black Black  284
Unknown Unknown  2051
Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group

 Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description
 Red Red: Medicines which should only be prescribed in secondary care by a specialist.  
 Amber Continuation  Amber Continuation: Medicines which should be initiated or recommended by a specialist for continuation in primary care. The specialist must notify the GP that the prescribing responsibility has been transferred.   
 Amber Shared Care Protocol Amber Shared Care Protocol: Medicines which are appropriate to be initiated and stabilised by a specialist, once stabilised the medicine may be appropriate for responsibility to be transferred from secondary to primary care with the agreement of a GP and a formal ‘shared care’ agreement. The shared care protocol must be approved by the Area Prescribing Committee Oxfordshire (APCO).   
 Green Green: Medicines which are suitable for initiation and ongoing prescribing within primary care.   
 Brown Brown: Medicines which should only be prescribed in restricted circumstances.  
 Black Black: Medicines which are not recommended for use because of lack of evidence of clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness or safety.